Define a Good Leader

One of many major variations between a profitable enterprise and a failed enterprise is powerful management. An organization run by a powerful, dedicated, and assured leader will certainly attain new heights of success. Leaders are just like the wheels of a automotive, if the wheels are sturdy and durable, the automotive will drive easily, but when the wheels are weak, then the car will finally collapse. Subsequently, an organization or enterprise wants a powerful leader to run its operations effectively since they’re accountable for the corporate’s success or failure. Read More… “Define a Good Leader”

The Quantum Physics of Relationship


From where i’m standing tonight taking into consideration its elliptical orbit and factoring in the relative velocities of both the object and this point of reference the moon close to its Apogee is Three hundred eighty Seven thousand Nine hundred seventy-five kilometers away and will be farther away, by the time I finish this sentence but no matter… give me enough time, some training from NASA and a space shuttle and damn it I will conquer that distance. Read More… “The Quantum Physics of Relationship”

What it feels to have an IQ of 135?

Having an IQ 135+ is an enviable and an admirable trait. Having high IQ, understanding of social norms and thus achieving a satisfactory life style is a SOP All Human Beings should strive on. It’s no big deal. Whoever you are, you’ll gravitate towards those who are like you in the ways you feel are important.

Your IQ is a measure of your intelligence… 120 – 139: With an IQ of 120 to 139, it means you have very superior intelligence and your intelligence is better than most. A superior intelligence means that your intelligence is better than most people but not as high as those with an IQ of 140. Read More… “What it feels to have an IQ of 135?”

What to Do when Someone Accuses You of Lying?

Being accused of lying can have as much impact as a physical blow to the body, especially when the accusation is false. Although your first inclination after the accusation may be to be aggressive in defending your good name, being assertive instead is a better approach. Similarly, avoiding confrontation with the individual who accuses you of lying can leave you feeling frustrated, particularly because the underlying inaccuracy remains active. Not saying anything and hoping the accusation will simply go away usually has the opposite effect and can lead to additional accusations. Read More… “What to Do when Someone Accuses You of Lying?”

To whom we shall put the blame ? To our Student or to our Teachers.

Why the Philippines never even make it even just to the last? We can’t blame the funds consider the Mongolia’s economy to ours.

The Philippines is last on the list. Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar ranked higher.

There has to be something wrong. I simply cannot believe our IQ level is lowest in the region or has deteriorated that badly. On the contrary, we should be one of those on top of that list. We have proven ourselves highly intelligent in many fields and in many countries all over the world.

Read More… “To whom we shall put the blame ? To our Student or to our Teachers.”