In a country where the average person earns little more than a dollar a day, public transport has to be cheap. The Jeepney certainly fits the bill. A journey of five kilometres (3.12 miles) costs just five cents In the 1930s, most transport in the Philippines was four-legged. But the second world war changed all that. When the guns finally fell silent, a mass of war surplus littered the country in particular, thousands of American jeeps in various states of repair, as well as a glut of cheap parts. The first primitive Jeepney was pieced together from cannibalised U.S. war surplus in 1946.


New day under Visit Visa in UAE

The day of being on visit visa…

It’s like a new chapter being an expat in UAE. I leave home early going to the airport  to  arrange all the requirements for my visa and send all the documents required back to Travel Agency. I’ve been in long queue for an hour and a half to pay the terminal fee or HALA (105Dhs/- Dhs) after that, another long queue for boarding pass then to immigration or passport control. Anyway, Everything went well my departure in Sharjah Airport.

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