Manager’s Job to provide guidance and support. Trust your Employees

Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, whether professionally or personally and when it’s broken, it is extremely hard to repair. I had a manager, I couldn’t even send an email without his approving it first. He was so inflexible that it was overbearing. I felt stifled. When employees feel they can’t trust their boss, they feel unsafe, like no one has their back, and then spend more energy on survival than performing at their job.

The corporate world is littered with micromanagers and toxic managers who don’t know anything at all about their job is. Sadly many organizations prefer these managers because they seem to be on top of, and in control of everything. In the short term, they may produce results but in the long run they leave a trail of destruction in their path.

“It doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and then tell them what to Do. We hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.” —Steve Jobs. Employees want meaningful work, and they want autonomy in how they work. Train, coach and mentor employees and ensure they are given clear objectives. The typical ‘bad boss’ spends their time directing employees rather than empowering them. It’s sad that in many organizations, managers think to be effective they need to MICROMANAGE employees.

A manager’s job is to provide guidance and support. It’s facilitating a healthy environment where employees can perform at their best. Always be quick to recognize, appreciate and reward employees’ efforts. Micromanaging is the opposite of empowerment and it creates toxic work environments. It breeds resentment and disloyalty. If you hired someone, it means you believe they are capable of doing the job, then trust them to get it done.

Micromanagement is a complete waste of everybody’s time. It sucks the life out of employees, fosters anxiety and creates a high stress work environment. Micromanagement chokes the growth of the employee and the organization and fosters mediocrity. When you empower employees, you promote vested interest in the company. Empowered employees are more confident, more willing to go the extra mile for employers, and more willing do whatever it takes to care for customers. The best ideas and advancements are a result of empowering your team.

If you want performance at scale: Select the right people, provide them with the proper training and tools and then give them room to get the job done!

10 Replies to “Manager’s Job to provide guidance and support. Trust your Employees”

  1. Don,

    The problem here is that your big boss doesn’t trust you to do the job. For me it is good that you leave..


        1. I sent email to my big boss using different email account. The words they use is fake account. I complaint my manager using that email and they did not like it. To be honest I’m not the only one sending mails but I don’t want to name those employees, like me they just exhausted what is going on with that company.

          1. Maybe youre telling the truth thats why you been kick out…Much better your not belong to that company…look toxic

          2. You did the right thing Bro. I would do the same. Its normal that we become scare sometime.

            You told me last time that you even deny many times, that you’re the sender. I fully understand you. They will not understand the main reason you did that coz, you complain your superiors and that superiors is the one who requested that you’ll need to be terminated.

            Hiding your self to your boss is not wrong. It means you’re afraid. In your case that time.. your JOB. Lying continuously when they asked you is normal…

            As long as you believed that you did the right thing. You need to be proud of yourself even it cost something in return.

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