My Latest Desktop Computer. Not sure yet about the Purpose

I’m not sure if I will go with kali linux or windows, but lets see linux this time. I have some time to think maybe to try linux again. Just for fun!!!

I’m trying to order DDR at souq, but it seems there’s an error . I will check back again after sometime…

I feel, that this  casing for my pc is best now a days…cheaper and it allows more air
I need to change some components  here.  I used 4 graphics card to this power supply so need some work to fix it

Finally, my order from souq arrived.

Finally, I fixed my PSU to the casing.. Let’s work on installing it. I just need my soldering Iron to arrived.

My old soldering iron got damaged so need to buy again online its cheaper and found some good deal

Now after, 2 days of waiting..

All things Done and ready to go. I finally decided to install kali-linux.  For about 2 years Im not using linux, so I’m not sure if this okay..

Yehey!! all done and restart.. wow! The interface is great I have nothing to say It’s just like windows…The security and everything are far more  better compare before.

Lets see, We’ll try some test  hacking…

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