New day under Visit Visa in UAE

The day of being on visit visa…

It’s like a new chapter being an expat in UAE. I leave home early going to the airport  to  arrange all the requirements for my visa and send all the documents required back to Travel Agency. I’ve been in long queue for an hour and a half to pay the terminal fee or HALA (105Dhs/- Dhs) after that, another long queue for boarding pass then to immigration or passport control. Anyway, Everything went well my departure in Sharjah Airport.

My return to the country is perfect. However, I need to wait again in the waiting area for my visa to be release, but I’m not really sure yet if that is today or tomorrow, and I’m not the only one here waiting, many of us having the same issue. Some expats told me that they normally wait for hours sometime days.

Finally, my visa released. The problem was instead of 3 months they only filed  1 month visa  so we need to speak and negotiate with the travel agency this problem or they can reimburse our payment else they need provide free visa plus flight after one month for me. Hope so… The travel agency seems not good though.

I’m currently waiting for my wife to pick me up from the airport. She is very upset and disappointed from the travel agency. The mistake they made did not just give us hassle, but also the obvious we need to spend thousand again for this mistake so we really need to speak with the travel agency to sort this out.

Finally, I’m home safely but frustrated from my travel agency where I booked my ticket. Instead of 3 months they only filed for 1 month. So again I need to travel after a month. Another hassle etc.. again

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