Success and Failures defines

Success. A 7 letters. In the bible 7 means complete or spiritual perfection. Seven the number which is stamped on every work of God.

Failure. A 7 letters. Perfect word too. If I add ‘s’ will be 8 letters which means a new beginning.


Many define success when they reach the peak of human ability. When they have power to do anything. However, when they’re in that definition it turns into something is missing a true happiness. Now they started to think, what is missing? They started to grow older, sickness, and anxiety of death.

To complete the definition of success. They started to play with DNA and the imagination of immortality. The ability to survive on anything. Are we going to have immortality? NO.

Success is Fake. We are being deceived of what we believe on. Success means we completed things and fulfill yourself with feeling of fullness happiness.

We started our day to work, become busy to gain what we wanted. In the end we started to want another and another… then we become tired and lonely asking why life is too hard. When can we have success in life?

Bill Gates a known successful man on earth in definition of many. He said: Life is not fair, get use to it. Why this successful man say that? I would not say those words if I am successful.

When we reach our Peak, we see everything. Our failures….

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