The hassle from previous Travel Agency. I can’t just move on!

When you can’t just move on!

I supposed to have 3 months visa, however the so called typist made an honest mistake issuing 1 month instead of 3 months. He/she have only one job to make. How could he/she made mistake on that simple word for Pit sake.

I complaint to the concern travel agency. They told us that they can only refund 300 dirhams + the ticket – in total 900. They also argue that I’m consuming the wrong 1 month visa that they issued. Really? In reality I did not bought 1 month but 3 months in short it’s useless. It’s hard to elaborate or enlighten people who can’t understand a -> b -> c or a simple statement of direct reasoning.

We escalated the issue to DTCM but we did not pursue, They told us the outcome for the sales so I just canceled the complaint. However, the DTCM put a note on the issue. I told DTCM that I’m not happy but I will not going to pursue anymore, as I only need is the refund but they said not only refund should be given.

Here is the issues.

I’m staying in Dubai, and I need to travel from Dubai to Sharjah airport that will cost me 100 dirhams for taxi again. Yes, we have car. What if we don’t? it’s 200dhs. The cost of spending again inside the airport 105 dhs for Hala Fees, lunch – 65 cost me, hassles, etc.. Have they don’t think about it? I asked some people in the airport ‘coz I dont want to be OA on things.. regarding they view about the travel agency and they all speak the same. A full refund should be provided, but even though the hassle that has been created to me that day is a struggle. I just did not lost 1500 dhs but more. They do business so do I.

Why I’m so mad. Every single dirhams that comes out from our pocket is very important we work hard for it, it’s hurt. We give full amount of 1500 and we should received a full amount of service too.

Anyway, things are awesome about my recent exit! and I will recommend this travel agency, the cost is also cheaper compare to previous agency its 1300’s a blessing.

The company where we bought my visa is so great and quick. I’m still in Oman but my visa was already processed and the copy is sent to my wife immediately,… in short they just spent 4 hrs to do the job. That’s a 5 star for me. The Sales, Customer Service is perfect too…they updated us from time to time and he make sure that no mistake will happen.

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  1. Hi Sir,

    Good Morning! May I know what is the name of the travel agency. Is this located in Dubai? I’m going to exit in 10 days. I don’t want to made mistake on buying my visa. I don’t have a Job yet 1500 is very important for me.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Ann, Yes it is in Dubai, Deira. This is my personal experience and may not happen to you. As requested the name of the travel agency is princesa tourism.


  2. I definitely for sure not going with this travel agency. They made mistake once they will make mistake again. Mistake is not tolerable on visit visa person. We need money and save money to find Job.

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