Timeline Don Pramis (Beta)

My Journey

18 Mar 2003

Graduated High School at Partido State University, San Jose Campus

20 Mar 2007

Become Electrical Engineer. From University of Nueva Caceres, Naga City

14 Jun 2007

I left Philippines to Start a new Journey. To work in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

15 Jun 2007

4:30am, arrived to a different place I don't know about... a 20 years old person with no knowledge of whatsoever will happen to him to this new Journey in life...

15 Jun 2007

I started a new Job at Precor (RaymondSport) Dubai, UAE

01 Jan 2008

Hard work and so on...time moving faster.

25 Mar 2009

I really can't remember now why we all here, but if again not mistaken Ate Chu bought a lot of shoes again as..in

10 Apr 2009

Dinner with Friends after Bible Study. From Left to right Me, Jerome, Ate Rhea & LJohn, _____, ______

07 May 2009

Jumeirah Open Beach with Friends...

16 Jul 2009

I don't remember where was this photo taken.

For Sure Jerome is here...

31 Dec 2009

End of 2009, still nothing happen like ordinary day nothing new...nothing special...everything just look the same.

09 Feb 2010

I fall into sleep because of that coffee. I didn't know that someone took a picture of me (Maybe Ate Sharon or Ate Imee).

If I'm not mistaken this was in JBR Starbucks.

Thanks for the coffee Jerome Ramos.

17 Feb 2010

Emergency Leave, Philippines. My mom called and told me that my brother was very sick.

25 Feb 2010

Circuit Assembly, Camarines Sur Bicol, Philippines with my cousins in the picture

15 Jun 2010

I started courting that very special girl in my life...

25 Aug 2010

Eid 2010, Night Swimming at Jumeirah open Beach

04 Oct 2010

Some changes happen to my life...

13 Feb 2011

Me and my girlfriend met my future..Tito Anchit..

24 Apr 2011

I'm sad with mix of happy feeling. ... Have to check this out too.. But this is our First Anniversary

09 Jun 2011

The engagement, and the ring...she accepted it... the wedding is for sure..

08 Jul 2011

At Four Season Hotel. ..Searching for venue, and my future wife have a surprise dinner for me.

24 Jul 2011

Our First Anniversary... (Fianc้)

30 Jul 2011

At Hilton Jumeirah Beach Resort with my mahal (that time we can still able to go and enjoy the beach for free)

07 Aug 2011

Really have to research what happen..

10 Sep 2011

Had a very bad accident...at Dubai Investment Park (Big Round about) A Nissan Sports Car hit my driver side door

20 Sep 2011

Work Time: - Precor first Installation of Golds Gym at Business Village, Dubai. Doing the Cardio Unit Installation alone

21 Sep 2011

All are decided we are getting married on December 8, 2011 at 2pm Consulate of the Philippine, 851 Beirut St - Dubai

27 Sep 2011

I created a page for our wedding.

Don and Kathy Wedding website link

28 Oct 2011

Our Guest Book for our Wedding. Finally finished...

30 Oct 2011

Bad Day at work a Taxi hit my car..

07 Dec 2011

Whole night awake... Our Prenup we just finished making the video.

Wedding Day Tomorrow!

08 Dec 2011

Finally! Our wedding Day

15 Aug 2018

Left RS Fitness LLC After many years with them. :(

07 Jan 2019

First day at Al Yousuf Sports Equipment LLC - Dubai UAE

31 Jan 2020

Covid-19 Pandemic (December 2019)

15 Apr 2020

Started unpaid leave due to pandemic. Almost Two months without salary.

07 Jul 2020

Due to Covid-19 Pandemic I lost my Job.

19 Jul 2020

I left Dubai, UAE. It's hard decision but this is the only option we have. Things are going worst.

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