To whom we shall put the blame ? To our Student or to our Teachers.

Why the Philippines never even make it even just to the last? We can’t blame the funds consider the Mongolia’s economy to ours.

The Philippines is last on the list. Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar ranked higher.

There has to be something wrong. I simply cannot believe our IQ level is lowest in the region or has deteriorated that badly. On the contrary, we should be one of those on top of that list. We have proven ourselves highly intelligent in many fields and in many countries all over the world.

Philippines Top priority is Education but still why we never have a good ranking. If we remember one student wonder why Mabini is always on chair when they watch the movie about his life. How this happen that our student doesn’t know our hero, our ex-Prime Minister and being known by foreign countries as brilliant man dont know his disability.

It is sad when I watch TV, our Student that suppose to be inside the classroom are twisted to fight in rally against government. Do we need to blame the government or the Professor or Teachers? This student are even scholar by the government but why they’re anti to it.

On social media it is so sad, that instead of discussing how to solve the problem on academic they’re sharing the copies of answer. Instead of researching they asking for people to provide them the correct answer immediately without solving anything. Instead of being innovative working hard to support the studies here they are selling sex scandal, live video, photos ..etc on social media and online porn sites.

National IQ Ranking by Country

RankingCountryAverage IQ
3Hong Kong105.7
4South Korea104.6
19Czech Republic98.9
19New Zealand98.9

Intelligence quotient or IQ, is often used as the standard of measuring smartness. It is the ability of a person to learn. A high IQ indicates that a person is intelligent and has an ability to learn things faster, while a low IQ indicates low intelligence or a lower ability to learn faster. Last week, Manila ranked among the lowest in the world’s smartest cities. This time around, we look at the national IQ average. 

It is important to remember that IQ is not the only measure of a country’s intelligence, nor should it reflect a nation’s thinking ability. Numerous studies also linked poverty incidence with low IQ scores, which could be because of poor access to education, or poor educational systems. 

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