Why People Cheat?

Psychology said if you’re truly in love with someone you won’t be interested in someone else, and if you’re interested in someone else, then you aren’t truly in love with them.

Studies show that there are around 77 reasons that people cheat on their partner. Around 23% of men admit to having cheated on their partner, and around 19% of women have admitted cheating on their partner. 32% of men who cheated met the person online.. through social media or a dating service, and 22% of the women who cheated met the person in a social setting, like a bar or a party. 23% of men said that their reason for cheating was a lack of sex satisfaction and 28% of women said that their main cause of cheating was a lack of emotional satisfaction. other reasons included desire for more attention, desire for a new experience, or it was just a mistake.

A 2015 study of around 2,800 people shows that people are more likely to cheat when they’re economically dependent on their partner. 15% of men who are completely financially dependent on their partners are more likely to cheat, and 5% of women who are dependent on their are likely to cheat.

Another crazy statistic is that we think everyone’s partners are cheating on them but ours isn’t on us. We believe there’s a 42% chance that someone is cheating on their partner, but there’s only a 5% chance that ours is cheating on us, and cheating has become even more complex right now with the rise of the online world, online dating, and social media.

People are not only having physical affairs but what’s now referred to as emotional affairs. 45% of men and 35% of women admitted to having an emotional affair. Now those are all the stats. Those are all the facts, but here’s my message to you.

Cheating on a person/ partner is like throwing away a diamond and picking up a rock, and cheating is always a choice. It’s never a mistake. Cheating isn’t always physical, If you have to delete text messages or DMs so that your partner won’t see them, you might already be there because apologies don’t mean anything if you keep doing what you said were sorry for, and if you feel that someone has stolen your partner, the best thing you can do is let them keep them because, remember, a true partner can never be stolen.

Alcohol is not an excuse to cheat. Distance is not an excuse to cheat. Sickness is not an excuse to cheat. Drugs is not excuse to cheat. Financial issue is not an excuse to cheat, College is not an excuse to cheat, Temptation is not an excuse to cheat because the truth is, when you cheat on someone, they don’t start to question you. They often start to question themselves. People start to Question their physical appearance. They start to think about all their flaws. They start to amplify and magnify anything about them that they feel may be the reason you cheated. So even though your reason is completely about how you feel, they think it’s about how they are, and people sometimes even go further. They start to question their choices. They start to question their decisions. They start to question the person that they are becoming, all because of one lie or one mistake or one moment that someone decided to cheat on them.

There are three rules in relationships. Don’t lie, Dont Cheat, and Don’t make promises you can’t Keep.

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